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The grim of socio economic scenario of the area and a feeling of doing something positive towards the welfare of the underprivileged and depressed people provide an impetus to Mr. Satbir Singh (President) to organize. Social workers & Volunteers of this region to create a platform from where the various issues related to well being of needy & weaker population can be raised effectively and a solution be seeked from the government as well as from the various development agencies working in the area.

The platform thus created was finally given a shape of voluntary Organization as Utthan Sewa Samiti in 2004, duly registered under The Haryana Society’s Registration Act 1860 and later on it was also registered under the Section 9(4) of The Haryana Registration and Regulation of societies Act 2012 on 27 Dec 2013. Initially it is thought that the area be scrutinized with help of the enhancing employment opportunities among depressed youth and thus the Organization began its work by opening of a computer education centre for younger generation of rural & urban areas, but in depth story of the area was for more worst than the earlier impression of the Volunteers & members of the Organization, hence it was decided to penetrate the area not only with the computer based education but also with bringing in of various social and economic welfare program. Creating mass awareness and organizing motivational events on some local issues such as female foeticide, Dowry system, Women’s Rights, Environmental protection, HIV/AIDS prevention etc were the first ever initiatives of organization to enhance the Knowledge and information among community. Once the awareness programs cleared the dust of lethargic attitude, ignorance and unwillingness to leave impractical traditions the organization started bringing in Socio-economic development programs with the support of NABARD, MAMTA HIMC New Delhi, DRDA etc, With the expansion of its programs area and strong liasoning with the local people the organization working towards women empowerment, education, health and livelihood promotion. Utthan Sewa Samiti aspires to improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized by adopting strategies through community initiative, participation and sensitization.

Since its inception in 2004 The organization has developed a very close relationship with the local community & continuously working for the cause of its set vision and mission.

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