Our Founder

Meet Our Visionary Founder: A Catalyst for Change

Mr. Satbir Singh is widely revered as a compassionate leader in Fatehabad district. Over the past 17 years, he has led Utthan Sewa Samiti (USS) with unwavering dedication and support from his family and colleagues. From the very start, he has been actively involved in aiding underprivileged children and youth worldwide. Particularly in western Haryana, he is celebrated for his relentless efforts in uplifting local impoverished communities through various impactful projects. Renowned for his kindness, empathy, and resilience, Mr. Satbir Singh tirelessly advocates for the welfare of young people and farmers, striving to enhance their quality of life. His commitment to youth & farmers through a multiplicity of outreach projects that seek to touch needy who are the poorest the poor are a testament to him as an individual. His overarching mission is to empower disadvantaged children and marginalized farmers, enabling them to achieve their fullest potential. With boundless enthusiasm and ambitious plans for the future, he continues to inspire positive change and transformation within the community.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and engagement with UTTHAN (USS).


Aim & Objective

Our aim is to improve rural people’s livelihoods in an equitable and sustainable manner, both socially and environmentally, by providing better access to assets (natural, physical, human, technological, and social capital), services, and control over productive capital in its financial or economic forms. This enables them to enhance their livelihoods on a sustainable and equitable basis.

The fundamental goals of Utthan are to tackle poverty and unemployment by fostering opportunities, offering training to unemployed rural youth, and enhancing the capacity of marginal farmers through skill development initiatives.